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Super 20 Diatonic Harmonica - D

£40.95 Including VAT

Hering produces many types of diatonic harmonicas in the richter system, tuned in every major key. The company can also produce harmonicas with special tunings such as minor, natural and major. In particular situations Hering can accept solicitations for "bright" tunings:A442 and A444. We also have bodies made of raw materials such as ABS, with bright sound and wood with a softer sound. It is important to mention that the wood used by Hering has been selected together with technicians from IPT (Instituto de Pesquisas Technologicas) in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. The wood has been specially chosen because of its long fibres and absorb less moisture, thus avoiding swelling and contraction. The consistency of the wood allows for the use of screws instead of nails for attaching the reedplates to the body, making these harmonicas more airtight and easier to service.

Attribute     Value
Height 2   cm
Weight 0.06   kg
Reeds 20  
Brass 0.9   mm
Key D  
Width 2.5cm  
Length 10cm  

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